SuperThin 90° Power Connector for RED EPIC
90° Power Connector for RED EPIC
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This custom 90 degree power connector for the RED Epic is unique in that it allows you to 90 out to the right of the camera instead of straight down.  The benefit of this connector is that you can bring the camera as far to the roll cage as possible without the power cable interfering with the gimbal roll bar.  

Length of cable: 28" (flexible silicone cable)
Lipo Connector:  XT60

Reviews (2)
Name : Anonymous
Location : Flexible. Thin but durable cable.
Title : none
Review : Flexible. Thin but durable cable. none Best power cable out!

Name : Anonymous
Location : super flexible
Title :
Review : super flexible Awesome cable

Questions (6)
I have a red epic dragon and want to use this with a lipo for gimbal but also mainly for lightweight handheld work. I have vmounts but I need something very light. What are the downsides of using a lipo with the red? Can it damage the red in any way? Also do you have this cable in stock? What batteries would I want to get? Thanks in advance.

LiPO batteries wouldn't damage the RED. Normally, you would use a 4s LiPo battery. 4s 5000 mAh is what we use. This cable is in stock.

Hi, I'm looking for a flexible cable similar to this one for gimbal use to power our Red Epic. However I need it to work as an extension cable instead of going to another battery system: Connector A: 1B 6pin female Right angle Connector B: 1B 6pin male Straight With a length of about 3 to 4 foot Can you make such a cable ? How much would it cost. Thank you very much. Best regards, Arnaud Dumas Director of photography Koma Films Montreal, QC, Canada

Hi, We're currently unable to make such a cable. We apologize.

Would it be possible to get this cable with a D-Tap connector instead of the one shown in the picture?

We have the same 90˚ Power Connector with a P-Tap connector.

Hello, can i use this cable to connect the Red Epic Power cable to the DJI Ronin's battery?

No. The Ronin's battery cannot power the Red Epic.

Hello, What connector is on this cable D-Tap?


I want to power a red epic brain with this cable. Which battery would be best suitable for this? Thanks in advance!

a 4-cell lipo battery would be suitable.

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